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  • Does Crusader Autoworks offer discounts?
    Yes, Crusader Autoworks offers discounts for Veterans/Active Military, AAA, First Responders, Teachers, and Medical Personnel. We also run regular discounts on routine services and free inspections.
  • When Do I Need Brake Service?
    It's recommended you ask a service technician to check your brakes around the same time as a tire rotation - roughly every six months. Understanding the rate of wear for your specific brake system will help you plan ahead for brake pad and rotor replacement.
  • How often should I get my wheels aligned?
    We recommend getting your wheels aligned every year or whenever you notice any of the signs mentioned above. If you hit a curb or experience any major suspension work, it's also a good idea to check your alignment. Explore our other suspension and steering services, including ball joint replacement, tie rod replacement, and shock and strut replacement, to ensure your car's handling is always top-notch. Consider pairing your wheel alignment with a tire rotation and balance for optimal tire longevity and performance.
  • Where is Crusader Autoworks located?
    Crusader Autoworks is located at 307 Hazelwood Dr in the Nashville suburb of Smyrna, TN.
  • What are the business hours of Crusader Autoworks?
    The business hours for Crusader Autoworks are 8am to 6pm M-F and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. Closed on Sundays.
  • How can I contact Crusader Autoworks?
    You can contact Crusader Autoworks by calling: (615) 984-4049
  • Do I Need a Brake Repair?
    You might not think about your brake system often, but the power to stop safely can be the difference between a close call and the exchange of insurance information. A daily commute in a local town or city will see you stopping frequently at lights or for pedestrians. If your brake system isn't performing like it should, it's wise to have your brakes checked to identify the source of the problem and have it fixed. Here are a few problems that require brake service: Brake Pedal Hard to Push Brake Pedal Too Easy to Push High Squeal or Grind when Stopping Uneven Rotor Wear You know how your vehicle rides and when something isn't performing right. When you notice a change in brake performance, don't hesitate to call (615) 984-4049 to set up a brake service appointment with our team.
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