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Transmission Service

Transmission Excellence from Crusader Autoworks

Your transmission system is the go-between for your engine and wheels–you can think of it like a speed translator for your vehicle! Responsible for regulating engine performance, speed, and output, your vehicle’s transmission is the key to a smooth ride and a well-running vehicle even in the harshest of conditions. In addition to regulating speed, your transmission system helps your vehicle thrive by successfully adapting it to changes in terrain, speed, and road conditions.

Whether you're driving a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, or a manual one, you’ll need an auto repair shop that understand your needs no matter the service required. Hmmm... That sounds a lot like us!

At Crusader Autoworks , we’re proud to boast a dedicated team of auto repair technicians trained in a variety of services, offering high-quality automotive and transmission care the first time, and every time.

Learn about transmission types with Crusader Autoworks

Manual Transmission: Commonly referred to as "stick shift" or "standard" transmission, this type of transmission necessitates manual engagement of gears through the use of a clutch pedal and gear shifter. Although it may seem a little daunting, manual transmissions are typically more fuel-efficient–meaning big savings for you!

Automatic Transmission: This transmission type manages gear shifts automatically, making them user-friendly, particularly in congested traffic or on hilly terrain. However, it's worth noting that automatic transmissions can be relatively less fuel-efficient due to fluid losses and slippage.

While there are other transmission types available, these are the two most common! We understand it may sound a little confusing--but that's exactly why we're here for you! If you've got any additional questions, or are in need of quality transmission repair in Smyrna, TN, Nashville, TN, Murfreesboro, TN and the surrounding areas, give us a call or schedule your appointment online today!

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